Any Given Sunday

Well the fat lady has sung, at least for the Jets and the Vikings. Yesterday’s AFC and NFC championship games were AWESOME, for lack of a better or more intellectual term! LOL. In any event, the Saints – Vikings game goes to show that ANYTHING can happen on any given day. All it takes is a slip up, a missed catch, a bad drive or a great block for things to go in the opposite direction for a competitor.

Pageantry is no different, no matter how great you THINK you are or how wonderful you MAY have been in your last pageant. All it takes is a slip up, a misconstrued interview statement, a bad hair day or great newcomer to turn your dream day into a nightmare. Just ask former Miss USA’s Rachel Smith & Crystal Stewart. Two beautiful women who simply had unfortunate, uncontrollable mishaps in the Miss Universe pageant.

Lesson here good people – Bring your “A” game and compete to the best of your ability. Remain confident, but not too cocky (cough *Brett Farvre*) and finally, remember your fate may not always be in your own hands. Anything can happen—–ANYTHING!


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