Pretty and Talented

Well the prelims are over and in a few hours, the top 10 contestants who will vye for the title of Miss America 2010 will be announced.  My DVR is already set for 8 pm, the TLC channel so I won’t miss a moment and can easily replay my favorite moments.

Competing for the title of Miss America really does take beauty, brains and TALENT.  While many Miss USA contestants and winners go on to have various careers in entertainment and broadcasting, the Miss America pageant is the only system tht requires a talent to compete.  The ladies display so many wonderful talents throughout the pageant, that I am always on the edge of my seat to see what will happen each year.  During the prelim competitons talent accounts for 35% of the overall score, more than any other category.   They also win a $2,000 scholarship.    Here are the prelim talent winners for 2010:

Prelim Night #1 Talent Winner – Miss Virginia, Caressa Cameron (Vocal)
Prelim Night # 2 Talent Winner – Miss California, Kristy Cavender (Ballet en Pointe)
Prelim Night #3 Talent Winner – Miss Michigan, Nicole Blaszczyk (Lyrical Dance)

I remember when Caressa won Miss Teen Ethnic World 2005 so I am so excited to see her doing so well at the pageant.  Although I am a MD girl, my family is from Richmond, so I don’t feel too bad about cheering for Virginia.

Ironically, there have only been two Miss Americas in the past decade who also won preliminary talent competitions,  Miss Oregon Katie Harman (2002) & Miss Oklahoma Jennifer Berry (2006).  Heather Whitestone, was the last Miss America to win prelim talent and swimsuit (now the  lifestyle and fitness category) in 1995.  My favorite Miss America – Vanessa L. Williams, Miss America 1984,  was also a prelim talent winner

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