This snow is totally causing havoc in the mid-atlantic region.  I totally forgot to pick up a dress I had at the tailor/cleaner that is needed for the Mrs. Virginia International pageant this weekend.  The gift bags are not yet complete and I just got a chance to move the car to ensure I can get out and get to Chester, VA on Saturday morning.  

February begins the major pageant season in the mid-atlantic region, so I can only imagine what problems this snow is causing elsewhere.  So far, I’ve learned of the following pageants scheduled for this month:

1) Mrs. MD International Pageant
2) Miss/Mrs. Virginia International Pageant
3) Teen/Miss/Mrs. North Carolina International Pageant
4) Miss Pre-Teen Virginia International Pageant
5) Teen/Miss/Mrs. South Carolina Pageant

6) Miss Washington County, Miss Western Maryland, Miss Washington Outstanding Teen & Miss Western Maryland Outstanding Teen Pageant (MD-MAO)
7) Miss Appalachia, Miss University City, Miss Appalachia Outstanding Teen & Miss University Outstanding Pageant Teen (MD-MAO)
8) Mrs. West Virginia America Pageant

Be careful out there and take your time, no point in breaking a glass slipper or damaging a nail.


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