The Little Princess

Being snowed in this week gave me plenty of time to catch up on many of my favorite television programs and books.  One guilty pleasure that I couldn’t turn away from was “Toddlers & Tiaras” on TLC.  The same station that recently brought us the most watched Miss America pageant ever. – OMG!!!  This show is absolutely insane!!!   Every time I watch it, I immediately have flash backs of JonBene’t Ramsey (rest her soul), probably the most {in}famous child Beauty Queen ever.  Glitz pageants for youngsters are not my preference, but they sure make for good entertainment.

JonBenet Ramsey

The amount of pressure some of the parents put on the little girls is ridiculous.  I am all for encouraging a young person to do what they want to do and financially supporting their endeavors, but some of that stuff was just a little over the top.  My favorite episode this week was when they were competing for Little Miss Perfect.  I completely loved it the Little Miss Perfect director, Michael Galanes, told one mom her daughter looked better without the flipper.   A flipper you wonder – well that’s just a “tool”  {dental appliance} that little girls can wear over their upper teeth to replace a missing tooth/teeth and perfect a smile.  On average, impression kits are between $40-$80 and the actual flipper is between $150-$250.

Add in the costs of coaching, prop design and manufacturing, talent training, talent costumes, false hair, spray tan and shoes and you’ve spent the equivalent, if not less, to fund a year of private school education.

Disney’s Princess and the Frog movie has peaked many little girl’s interest that they too, can be a princess. Mothers are now jumping at the chance to make this happen for their little girls. While I applaud the interest in pageantry, I hope that children and their parents look to other avenues, particularly non-glitz pageants like Miss America’s Princess Program, East Coast USA or American Co-Ed Pageants.

These pageants give young women the opportunity to compete in a natural age-appropriate state.  Pageantry is about so much more than just being pretty………or it it?

Maybe you have or know a little girl that wants to feel like a princess, but may not want to fully participate in a pageant, perhaps a princess party could be the answer.  Petite Priss is a company whose focus is encouraging self-esteem and confidence in young girls.


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