Always Daddy’s Little Girl

Some see pageantry as mommy & daughter time.  You know, that special time where moms and daughters can bond while dad is running around behind Junior and his sport activities.  While it may be true in many cases, what about those Dads that spend just as much time, effort and let’s not forget, $$$$$, helping mom and the little princess as she moves forward on her quest for the crown?  They are around and just as proud of their girls as they are of their boys! 

Aarin Cristina Carver, Miss Maryland American Princess 2010 and her dad, Stacey Carver

Pageant Dads are cool and here at Pageants & Pearls, we just love ’em .  Some may make fun of you, as seen in

Zach Galifianakis’s spoof on Saturday Night Live.  Others may think you’re a little over the top {some episodes of Toddlers & Tiaras do nothing for you – sorry}.  Forget about them!!!  I think you’re simply the best!  There’s nothing more precious to a daughter, child or adult, than looking out in the audience and seeing your smiling face looking back at us, cheering us on.   Pageant girls need Dad’s support, so keep it up.  If you know a Dad who isn’t, just give them a gentle nudge and remind them.  One day, their daughter may just become Miss America!!!

 Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010 and her parents

 To the pageant dads we love so much, and dad’s all over we salute you!  Happy Father’s Day!


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