Multi-State Pageants …..a good thing?

Have you ever wondered why, when you’re looking for a pageant in your state you’ll end up on a site to a competition listing four or five states?


Well, welcome to the world of the multi-state pageants !!!  Some directors, primarily on the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region, find it to be a cost saver or a way to increase their candidate pool.  Unlike the massively large states of California, Texas, or Florida…..tiny states in the East (Maryland, Delaware, Maine, Rhode Island) often have a hard time recruiting contestants.

The Beauty of Giving Back

It’s not a bad thing, it’s actually pretty fun….especially when you competing in a state preliminary.  What’s more fun than heading to a national pageant already knowing someone!!!  Makes roommate selection pretty easy 🙂

So the next time you searching for Miss DC Pretty and Smart and you wind up on Miss DC/VA/NH/VA – don’t be shocked, it could be a very good thing!


Here are some pretty cool multi-state pageants

1) Multi State High School America (MD/PA/NJ/NY & DE) –

2) Tri- State Cinderella Pageants ( MD/DE/NJ) –



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