Living like a M.R.S……….

Annually, droves of married women and their families travel to the desert oasis, otherwise known as Las Vegas to compete for the one and only coveted M.R.S. crown!

MRs crown

This year is no exception, and I personally can’t wait to see the outcome of this year’s contest!  It’s always blast, especially the state costumes!!!


I will have to admit that the Mrs. United States pageants is one of my favorites. For no other reason than it was my first national Mrs. pageant.


Me with Mrs. United States Executive Director Isabella Illacqua

It was a great experience and I met tons of friends.  That’s the beauty of pageantry, the opportunity to meet dynamic women from all over the country. Knowing that no matter how far apart you may be or how frequently (or not) you see one another, you’ll always be a part of a special “sorority”, a group that an exclusive few belong too !!  For me, it’s the Mrs. United States Class of 2005!


Some of the Class of 2005 in state costume!!!

Take a look at some photos of the reigning and previous Mrs. United States titleholders


Aquila Vang, Mrs. United States 2012


Rachel Jullierat, Mrs. United States 2010

White, white everywhere

Stephanie Hunt, Mrs. United States 2007


Dr. Chiann Gibson, Mrs. United States 2005


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