White, white every where

Sitting in the house watching what will soon amount to 24-30″ of snow in the area has me thinking bout the notion that white evening gowns always win Mrs. pageants.  For years, many a coach told their clients that “if you want to win, you must wear a white gown”.  Suffice it to say, there were plenty of visual statistics to back up that claim.

Andrea Preuss, who was crowned Mrs. United States 2003 and Mrs. America 2006, wore a white evening gown in both national pageants.

Four of the last 10 Mrs. United States winners, in addition to Andrea, all competed in white gowns: Edrienne Carpenter (2004), Dr. Chiann Gibson (2005), Stephanie Hunt (2007) & Tammy Johns (2009).  Along with Mrs. America 2005, several other Mrs. Americas also competed in white evening gowns and won the national title – Heidi Dinan (2003), Julie Love-Templeton (2004) & Kelly McBee (2007)


Product of the Week

Every pageant girl has something she can’t live without during a competition and/or appearance.  Friday’s are dedicated to highlighting some of my (and I hope your) favorites, so feel free to send me any suggestions.

This week’s “can’t live without” product is DERMABLEND!!!

Dermablend is some of the most fantastic stuff ever invented.  If you’re like me (and most of America born between 1970 – 1990) you have one or two tattoos.  My good friend, Yolanda Makle, Ms. Latina Galaxy,  has no qualms about showing her tattoos during competition – but then again, she’s already flawless to begin with.  I have a pretty large scorpion on my back and a Japanese symbol on the front of my right shoulder so I tend to cover mine

 If covering your tattoos during a pageant is the road you choose, you NEED Dermablend in your life.  It will cover ANYTHING and by anything, I mean anything.  It is a relatively inexpensive product, averaging $31 for the creme and another $21 for the setting power, but it lasts and lasts and lasts.  Best of all, it’s waterproof and will withstand stage lighting.   I usually use the cover creme, which is multi-use, but you can also use the leg & body creme.   Ranging in shades from pale ivory to deep brown, you will have a hard time not finding a shade to match you perfectly.

In case you were wondering – I am #5 Olive Brown Cover Creme over a Bronze Deep Fix Concealer