White, white every where

Sitting in the house watching what will soon amount to 24-30″ of snow in the area has me thinking bout the notion that white evening gowns always win Mrs. pageants.  For years, many a coach told their clients that “if you want to win, you must wear a white gown”.  Suffice it to say, there were plenty of visual statistics to back up that claim.

Andrea Preuss, who was crowned Mrs. United States 2003 and Mrs. America 2006, wore a white evening gown in both national pageants.

Four of the last 10 Mrs. United States winners, in addition to Andrea, all competed in white gowns: Edrienne Carpenter (2004), Dr. Chiann Gibson (2005), Stephanie Hunt (2007) & Tammy Johns (2009).  Along with Mrs. America 2005, several other Mrs. Americas also competed in white evening gowns and won the national title – Heidi Dinan (2003), Julie Love-Templeton (2004) & Kelly McBee (2007)


Award Season = Pageant Fashions

Every winter, women around the world look forward to “Award Season”. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years or more, you know this is the time when multiple shows air to showcase the past year’s top performances in music, theatre, television & movies. So far, we’ve been graced with the Golden Globes, Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and coming soon the Grammy’s. This is also a great time for pageant enthusiast as we began to collect ideas and denounce fashion tragedies to prepare for our competition evening gowns.

Here are some of the looks that have caught from last night’s SAG Awards.

The entire female cast of “Glee” looked great.