Those Dreaded Pounds

After talking with some of my Mrs. America Class of 2009 classmates this week, I realized something – pageantry can be hell on your esteem when the issue of weight is involved. This past September, I met some of the most beautiful women in the country and through the course of almost two weeks there was ONE thing we talked about daily – OUR WEIGHT and SIZES!
Now you may ask, why 40-50 women, who wouldn’t be considered thick, heavy, overweight, etc. on their worst day and barely have “body fat” would feel compelled to spend so much time talking about their weights and dropping weight. I’ll tell you why……….THOSE DAMNED EVENING GOWNS. LOL

Mrs. Illinois America 2009, Anji Meidel & Author – Mrs. District of Columbia America 2009, Deanna McCray-James

There is nothing more frustrating for a titleholder or competitor than trying to maintain a certain weight and or size to make sure you can fit into that $700 (give or take) Sherri Hill or other custom gown. Let me make sure you understand, these are not your run of the mill Nordstrom’s evening gowns were talking pageant couture here people! Getting and purchasing the perfect competition gown often requires multiple trips to get measured and fitted, followed by a few try-ons to make sure it’s just right! How would you feel if you’d spent $500+ on a gown only to not be able to fit it, and thus not win Miss/Mrs. XXXXXX, all in a span of 2-3 weeks. Trust me – it can send you over the edge.

So the next time you here a pageant gal whining about those dreaded pounds…. cut her a break, she really might be on the verge of a mental break down 🙂