Miss Teen USA

Congratulations to the new Miss Teen USA – Kamie Crawford (MD). An absolutely STUNNING 17 year old from Potomac, Maryland.


Mrs. United States

Congratulations to the new Mrs. United States 2010, Rachel Juillerat. Rachel, a teacher who represented Mississippi in the contest, was also this year’s Physical Fitness award winner.  This former Mrs. Alabama competed in the 2008 Mrs. United States pageant where she also won the swimsuit competition.   The woman has a FIERCE body.
 Mrs. Alabama United States 2010, Jennifer Beaver & Mrs. Mississippi/Mrs. United States 2010 Rachel Juillerat
Competing in the traditionally successful white evening gown, she succeeds Tammy Johns-Brown of South Carolina.  Maybe there is something to that white gown in this system after all.  Six of the last 10 Mrs. United States winners all competed in white gowns.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
Other pageant winners were:
Congeniality – Mrs. Idaho – Sondra Lavoie
Photogenic – Mrs. Kentucky – Dr. Tammi Wyatt Halvorson (Ms. All-American 2010)
1st Runner Up – Mrs. Minnesota – Wendi Russo (Mrs. Minnesota America 2008)
2nd Runner Up – Mrs. Tennessee – Stephanie Lynch
3rd Runner Up – Mrs. North Dakota – Sarah Bazey
4th Runner Up – Mrs. Georgia – Lisa Muzi

Quadruple Crowned

Will Smith is Mr. July and Adrienne Watson Carver is Mrs. Maryland!!!!     Within the past five years, Adrienne has been crowned Mrs. Maryland in four major pageant systems, quite an accomplishment!!!!! Also a force to be reckoned with on the national stage – she was voted Mrs. Congeniality at the 2006 Mrs. United States pageant by the other delegates as well as placing top 10 in the 2007 Mrs. America and 2009 Mrs. International pageants.  With her latest title – Mrs. Maryland Galaxy, I am sure we will be hearing more news about her at the 2012 Mrs. Galaxy International pageant!!!

 Adrienne Watson Carver, Mrs. Maryland Galaxy International 2011

 Adrienne being crowned,  after winning the Mrs. Maryland United States 2006, 
by Mrs. Maryland United States 2005

A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and owner of Studio A – Modeling, Etiquette and Dance Academy in Randallstown, Maryland, she is always in the community making a difference in the lives of young people.  Pageantry is truly a tool that can assist ANYONE in serving others, providing mentorship and encouragement as well as simply having a GREAT time.  Congratulations Adrienne, continue to be an example of how to do it!!!!


This is one of Pageants & Pearls favorite photos of the pageant season.  Not a picture of a winner, per se or a competition, but one of something we;d NEVER thought we would see.   An African-American Miss America shaking hands with an African-American President of the United States.  Take it or leave it – love it or hate it, in 2010, it is the way it is.

Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron shakes hands with President Barack Obama at the White House in June while traveling with the Children’s Miracle Network Champions in Washington, D.C.


Congratulations to Yolanda Makle…..Ms. Galaxy 2011!!!!

 (Yolanda Makle, 2011 Ms. Galaxy Photogenic Winner)

(2011 Galaxy Pageants Queens.  Clockwise from top right – Teen, Ms, Mrs, Miss)

No stranger to pageantry, Yolanda is an amazing competitor who has won or placed runner up in several national pageants. 

  (4th runner up to Miss Galaxy 2005)


 (Ms. Belleza Latina 2009)

More than just a pretty face, this engineer &; businesswoman is a proud alum of the University of North Carolina and President of Yolanda Makle Photography!!!  Perhaps you’re now thinking, “I’ve seen her somewhere before.  No, not at an appearance”.  Well you’re absolutely right.  In the summer of 2009, Yolanda beat a bevy of contestants, ultimately two other finalists, for the job of the Washington Nationals In-Game Co-Host!!!

Despite all her titles and placements, Yolanda’s most notable contribution to the industry was the founding of the Ethnic World Pageant System in 2005.  Her vision for establishing the pageant was “to give ALL women of color the opportunity to help educate the world on cultural diversity“.   With all that Yolanda has done through her time in pageantry and considering her very first Ethnic World teen queen has gone on to become Miss America her vision was dead on and has moved beyond women of color.

Continued success Yolanda as you move forward in showing the world what ANY woman can do a little tenacity, faith, preparation, hard work and motivation.

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Where are they now?

All of the recent crownings in the Mid-Atlantic Region really have me thinking…..”where are they now”?  A pageant girlfriend of mine remarked after Caressa won Miss America 2010, that if she were to ever win the big one, she would never do pageants again!  I asked her why and she remarked that once you’ve achieved the big one, what was the point of continuing.  My thoughts were – what about the fun? what about the

camaraderie , what about the platforms you can promote.

As I thought about it more, I started researching the net to see if I could find where some of my favorites “are now” and if they are still competing.  Interestingly enough, I came across this cool website – Pageant Trivia.  This website has a section on it’s front page where former titleholders can update their status.  I couldn’t find a directory of former titleholders, but I thought the concept was quite interesting.

Our conversation was still on my mind and couldn’t help wondering, should you really give up competing if you win one of the majors?  Will anyone really remember you, what mark have you made, what’s your legacy as a former Miss America or Little Miss Perfect?  Will you go on to be a commercial success, a medical success story, national philanthropist or will it just be enough to know you were once Miss International?

Some former Miss Americas and state titleholders have gone on to achieve notoriety….the most {in}famous still being Vanessa Willliams.  There is also Lee Meriweather, Gretchen Carlson, Debbie Turner and Erika Dunlap, but for the most part most Miss Americas “retire” to relative obscurity.

Miss America 1990, Debbye Turner ( Missouri)

In contrast to Miss Americas, more former Miss USA titleholders remain in the spotlight after crowning their successors.  I have a few favorites of my own  – Kenya Moore, Susie Castillo, Shauntay Hinton, Laura Martinez-Herring and of course Ali Landry.

Miss USA 1996, Ali Landry  (Louisiana)

Even some Mrs. titleholders have gone on to achieve some level of celebrity (if you can call it that).  I mean look at Omarosa – Mrs. District of Columbia America United States 2002.  She’s managed to be a part of three popular reality shows.


There may be others that have made notable strides in other areas that have made them “famous”, in the non-traditional sense that I don’t know about.  But for the most part, former pageant titleholders – national, state and/or local – usually return to their normal lives or relative obscurity.    I’m pretty sure they are happy in their lives and have gone on to have wonderful families and careers, but I do wonder – have they continued to compete, do they want to ever compete again? 

There have been some very dynamic women that have held titles in the Mrs. International, Mrs. America, Ms. All-American and Mrs. United States systems and I now my quest to find out – “where are they now”?  Hopefully, they are still competing and continuing to use their titles and platforms better their communities and people around them.  Remember the crown can be used for good 🙂


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