Get to Know………Miss Delaware International 2013

Pageants & Pearls spent some time last week getting to know Crystal Rush, Miss Delaware International 2013 through a Q & A session…. a pretty amazing lady if we do say so ourselves.  Don’t believe me, read for yourself!

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Q) What has been the most exciting thing that you’ve done as Miss Delaware so far?

A) “I have done so many exciting things. Every day I am blessed with new opportunities. I would say starting a chapter at my university is the most powerful thing I’ve done so far. It’s been exciting to get involved with my peers and constantly educate the public. Through the chapter I was able to organize a walk that raised money for Autism research.  I have also devoted my thesis to Autism research, so it’s been great digging through journals and articles to expand my work with Autism advocacy.”
Q) Who has been the most memorable person you’ve met so far and why?
A) Again, I meet so many wonderful and memorable people. It’s hard to list just one. At the Annual Autism Delaware Auction for Autism, I met a young man with Autism who got up and performed a country song. I spoke with him before he went on and he was nervous but ready to show everyone a different side of him. Half way through the song, he had the entire audience up on their feet cheering and singing along. I don’t think the actual singer could have topped his performance.
Q) What do you plan to do with your degree?
A) I plan to continue working in the public service sector. I want to utilize my skills and talents to better the community and change lives.
Q) What is your favorite memory with your niece?
A) My nieces are my biggest joy! Just last weekend we went for ice cream and she had me and my other niece, Kiara,  laughing until we cried with her “funny faces” she likes to do.  The most exciting memory we share is when we were recently in a local parade. It was a great experience sitting on the tailgate together and waving to the crowd. After I enjoyed telling everyone about Skye and her story and just sharing that moment with her was something I will never forget.
Q) Is there an organization that you would like to work with (that you haven’t already)?  Why?
A) I have tied myself to the local organizations in Delaware, but I am looking to expand my advocacy on a national level. 
Q) What are you most looking forward to at the International pageant?
A) Meeting the other girls and sharing my platform. Since I won Miss Delaware International, my favorite part has been sharing my story. I absolutely love having the chance to tell everyone what my platform is and why I am so passionate about it.
SPEED ROUND – FAVORITES……..We gave Crystal a category and she had to say the first thing that came to mind!!!!!
1) Color – Green or Blue. My favorite color changes all the time. I can’t help it! 🙂
2) Food – Pizza (can’t live without it!)
3) Dessert – My grandma’s Angel Food cake. This was my grandfather’s favorite and is mine, too!
4) Subject in school – Psychology
5) Celebrity – Jenny McCarthy. First, I love how funny and real she is. Secondly, I love that her son is on the spectrum and she uses her celebrity status to raise money and awareness. I have her books. She is awesome! Go Jenny!! 🙂
6) Season – Fall, I love the rich colors that come out in the fall and hot apple cider on crisp autumn nights.
7) Clothing item – Dresses, nothing is easier or cuter than a pretty sundress and wedges.
Good luck at International this summer Crystal!
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